Club Consent

Club Consent

In order for your child to participate in both training and matches at DMW JFC you must agree to all the statements below.

1. I/We are signing to say that we have read, understand, agree and accept the following and shall ensure that we I/We act in accordance with them:

2. I/We are agreeing to pay the below fees, in full, before 10th March 2021

  • Signing On Fee of £20 in a one-off payment and
  • Annual Membership Fee of £180 split over a weekly or monthly basis

Where subs are more than 4 weeks in arrears DMW JFC reserves the right to withhold a player being involved in a matchday squad except where expressly agreed with the Team Manager and/or Club Official(s).

3. I/We agree that in the event that my child is injured whilst playing football/training/travelling to and from football events and I cannot be contacted, I hereby give my consent for my child to receive medical attention.